Ferrari 488 Spider Crashes Into Wall, Gets Hit By Bus In China

This Ferrari 488 Spider is going to need extensive repairs to be brought back to life after it suffered severe damages in an accident. According to CarNewsChina, the driver of the white Ferrari, which was reportedly brand new, lost control of the car and crashed into a wall, before being hit by a bus.

The accident took place in Yiwu, China, recently, and judging by the images, its entire front end has been destroyed. Considering that a new Ferrari 488 Spider costs at least $500,000 in the People’s Republic, the owner, who has been hospitalized after the incident, should expect a gigantic repair bill – if the insurance company doesn’t deem it a write-off, that is.

This isn’t the first time a 488 Spider gets all mashed up in the Asian country, as just a few months ago, another example was filmed being hit multiple times on a highway.

source : carscoops